Are You Still Laughing

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I asked you for help

You were there

Just for a moment

To help me cope

Then you vanished

Leaving me alone

To fend for myself

Drifting in a sea

Of depression and anxiety

I was fine until

The current turned

And I was pushed

Far out to sea

Gasping for air

You didn’t care

You saw my tears

Turning away you walked

Clear out of my life

Looking back now

It is my opinion

You were just

Using me for

A loan and a laugh

I hope I was

A lasting joke

At least that would mean

You do remember me

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) –opinion

Why Would You Say That

I cringe from confrontation

Don’t make me take a stand

Fear takes over

Whenever controversy does land

But I am learning my opinion

Really might matter

I just have to be assertive

To be heard over the clatter

All my life I was told

To just stand quietly by

While the others all talk

It was pointless to even try

But now that I am older

And know what is true

I might have something to say

Especially to you

What you said was wrong

And hurt me on that day

You should tell me you’re sorry

Just please don’t run away