Fandango’s Friday Flashback – March 20th

This was a poem I wrote for the daily prompt “label” back in 2017.  It was originally published here .  I hope you like it!

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One of a Kind

Don’t slap a label on me

I don’t fit inside of a box

I am a one of a kind original

Destined for better things

Than any label can give me

Labels are one-dimensional

And I have more depth than that


Don’t pin me to a label

Tomorrow I may change

Branch out into a new direction

I must do my own thing

Labels are for the masses

Of cookie cutter girls all the same

And I am completely uniquely me


For Fandango’s Friday Flashback (FFF) March 20th

Daily Prompt: Original

You are an original

there is no one like you

I embrace your uniqueness

love ever part of you

from the highs to the lows

and everything in the middle

you can not be duplicated

nor properly imitated

You are an original

too perfect for words

I hold your pure self

deep in my heart

through ups and downs

you stand your ground

you can never be replaced

not even remotely

You are an original…

I just wish you were mine