(A2Z) Dance To The Music

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Deep Purple, David Bowie, Dr Hook, Don Henley… Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Diamonds, Dixie Chicken, Do You Believe In Love… drums, demo, downbeat, disco…. Decisions, decisions, what to do?

In my youth, there was a little radio show that I would listen to on my local radio station. If I remember correctly it was on Sunday nights. And it introduced me to some doozies- Ti Kwan Leep, Fish Heads, Polka Dot Undies, Shaving Cream, just to name a few. Of course, I am talking about the Dr Demento Show. It was a radio show that introduced parodies and novelty songs to the audience.

It was the first place I heard of Weird Al and was a big boost for his career. The host, the doctor himself, had done a novelty hit called Shaving Cream, but the song was originally done by Benny Bell in 1946. The doctor would have special guest in the studio and always had a countdown of the funny five.

Sadly. shortly after I graduated they stopped airing the show in this area. But I had a few Dr Demento CDs I still listen to. It just isn’t Christmas without “I’m Getting Nuttin’ For Christmas” and “I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas.”

One of the classics…

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Mumbles … Parody

How can you talk about parody without mentioning Weird Al. I was introduced to him through a weekly radio show I used to listen to as a teenager, The Doctor Demento Show. I would like to think it is still on the air waves somewhere, but sadly it has been gone from the local radio station for many years. Doctor Demento did more than just parody songs there were a host of comedy songs played as well. I heard many great songs over the years and have a copy of a special Doctor Demento Christmas CD. I wanted to pick a favorite song to put on this post, but don’t have a clue where I would begin to pick a favorite. Thinking about this I have a few that have stuck in my head and although Boot To The Head, Wet Dreams and the classic They’re Coming To Take Me Away are all great my choice is The Little Blue Man. This is a song from 1958 by Betty Johnson and this YouTube video is the best version I have seen. Take time to be a little silly, laugh a little bit and stay a little demented.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – parody