Turn The Switch On (FOWC)

If every thought
Were carefully weighed
To avoid hurt and conflict
Before the words spewed out
We would be a more cerebral race
Capable of living in peace and harmony
But I see we left our brains in the off position


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – cerebral

Live (FOWC)

Let me live
In a primitive hut
On a deserted island
Away from the past

Let me live
A day in peace
Folded into seclusion
Away from my demons

Let me live
In the silence of solitude
On a hope and a dream
Away from your grasp

Through my fears and pains
Losses and gains
Just let me live


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – primitive

Panic To Peace

My anxiety hits.
My heart races.
My breathing is rapid.
The room is too small.
Everyone is staring.
I feel like I’m in a dim tunnel,
Then suddenly you are there,
Next to me to calm me.
You grasp my hand in yours,
I feel your strength.
You tell me to breathe,
“In and out,
In and out.”
You sit with me,
Speak calmly to me,
Understand me.
Your hand still wrapped around mine
You softly give me a squeeze
And whisper, “I love you.”
I can finally breathe easy.
My heart is calmer.
I have survived with help from you.
You make me complete.
You bring me peace.

Positive For Peace

Don’t lecture me
About what is meant to be
I know this world can be rotten
I haven’t forgotten
But focus on the good
I am sure that you could
If you only give it a try
And stop asking why
Take just a moment for peace
Bad thoughts will then cease
And you will discover the world is more kind
To someone with a clear state of mind

Nature’s Sanctuary

The trill of the bird
Interrupted my moment of silence
The serenity was lost
When another car pulled in the lot
I just wanted an escape
A brief moment or two of peace
I used to find it at the park
But today was not my day to relax
Too many people
Wanted that same escape today
And I was far from alone
Far from a quiet solitude
The bird song still rang out
Over the noise of the engine
I guess that is as close as I get today
To a little bit of tranquility

Monochrome Monday – Give Peace A Chance

The day got away from me and suddenly I remembered I had not posted my Monochrome Monday post for the week yet.  I was looking through my pictures and with all the latest headlines around the world of tensions being high, I saw this picture I had taken at a road side park a couple of years ago and felt it was timely.  It made me think of how some places see these on the streets daily as a part of life.  I am not very outspoken or politically minded … sometimes I think I would have fit in with the flower children of the 60’s and 70’s well.  All I ask today is for a chance at peace, a chance for kids to play in the streets without fear of bombs, a chance for humanity to coexist with each other by embracing their differences instead of hating them.  Let me indulge in this one edited photo to ask only that we love one another.  I hope you have a good week!

Give Peace A Chance LR.jpg

A New Flag

The news is full of hate these days

Leaving us full of sadness

I feel powerless as one to change things

If only we could unfurl a new flag

One of freedom, unity and respect

For the whole world to stand behind

But as long as there are egos in power

Peace and love are only hopes and wishes

In the minds of the few who still dare to dream

Happy and Grateful – Day 225

Seven months are gone now and surprisingly I am still plugging along with this challenge to post about my happiness and gratitude every day this year.  August brings the state fair here in Iowa and lots of heat and humidity.  It is the time to see the back to school shopping start with kids dreading it and parents loving it.  As I continue my challenge I hope you will take a minute to reflect on your day too.  You can even share your happiness and gratitude here in the comments or on your own blog.  There is good in every day!

Another day to try new things… six word stories.  The extreme of limited words!  I don’t know if I cheated a bit by leading the story with a descriptive title or not, but I got it done I think.  It is on a subject I am passionate about.  I have seen one friends life almost ruined after she drove drunk.  I had a person I graduated with injured badly in a drunk driving accident.  And to this day I am so grateful my ex-husband never did drive when he was drunk… the one part of his alcoholism he seemed to have some control over.

It was another day to stick around home.  I did a little more computer “work” and some photo editing.  I am all ready for my Monochrome Monday post tomorrow.  I did get a package ready to mail out tomorrow (a book my daughter sold on Amazon).  Did some tidying up.  And got to talk to two different friends today – one on the phone and one online.  It was a good day two of vacation and I was happy to be at peace most of the day.

I need to get some rest… have to take my Dad to the clinic tomorrow for a blood draw so I can’t sleep in too late.  Find your happiness and feel your gratitude!  Have a good night/day!


I hear today is

A brand new start

A brand new chance

For a brand new heart


A chance to love

A chance to dream

A new start to believe

In a crazy scheme


The year is young

Only a day old

And we can choose

What wishes we hold


So gather your hope

And keep peace in mind

For today we never know

What tomorrow we’ll find