Longing For Oz

The pending storm
Loomed on the horizon
Distant thunder rumbles low
The smell of rain is in the air
The heat has everything at a standstill
You sit back in your chair
Sweat beads on your face
Staring at the horizon
This could be a big one
Winds begin to blow
The skies take on a strange hue
And the rains begin to fall
You stay in your chair
As if to dare the storm
“Come get me”
Hail pelts down onto the ground
And the storm revs up
Trees begin to bend
Signaling a warning
Over a hill in the distance you see it
The beginning of a funnel cloud
Dancing beneath the clouds
You close your eyes
Hold up your hands
And brace for the winds
Whispering “take me away”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pending