Around and Around I Go

the room was painted white

with a wallpaper trim

teddy bears on a carousel

both in pink and blue

a room that was so perfect

she came home healthy

a joy to watch

and all I could think

was I’m not good enough

for someone so perfect

and as she grew

we both learned lots

but still I felt

I’m not good enough

for someone so perfect

she is now an adult

no more carousels for her

and yet I wonder

how she made it into

someone so perfect

when I was never good enough

Our World

In a perfect world

Sleep would cure the tired

A bandage would repair a wound

Peace would bloom from conflict

And medicine heal the diseased


But homeless fear the night and do not sleep

Innocent victims see wounds of anger grow infected

Wars come from men of conflict to the masses

And disease still ravages the purest of souls

In this imperfect world of ours

Daily Prompt: Original

You are an original

there is no one like you

I embrace your uniqueness

love ever part of you

from the highs to the lows

and everything in the middle

you can not be duplicated

nor properly imitated

You are an original

too perfect for words

I hold your pure self

deep in my heart

through ups and downs

you stand your ground

you can never be replaced

not even remotely

You are an original…

I just wish you were mine