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You asked me how,

How to make you see,

That this love is true for me.

Let me hold you endlessly,

Allow me to show, I deeply need you,

Permit me to see only you in a crowd of many.

For you are my every essence I need.

No one else could ever compare.

And I could want for no one but you.

You feed me,

You breathe for me,

You are my life.

Now do you believe

You are the one for me?


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – permit

What Once Was

Allow me to live my life
To be the person I once was
Allow me to feel more than pain
To be happy and carefree
Permit me to do the things I used to do
To be productive and useful
Permit me to clear my mind
To have only pleasant thoughts
Let me be whole again
To feel alive and worthwhile
Let me spend a day without fear
To feel at peace inside
… please find a way for me to return to my former self