What is it about death that can bring out the worst in people?  No I am seriously perplexed about this.  I had a great-grandmother pass away and the three sons fought over her stuff.  Then they began talking to each other again only to have more bad blood surface at the next funeral.  Now it is my uncle whose ex-wife, of all people, is in charged of his celebration of life.  She was the one yelling the most after the last funeral.  I now am faced with the question if with my depression and anxiety I can face the tension for two hours to make the trip out-of-town worth it?  I loved my uncle, don’t get me wrong.  But I am so tired of the backstabbing that goes on when someone dies.  It seems more tempting to give everything to charity when I pass.

Fights over antique clocks, who is a pall bearer and how quick you can make it out-of-town are such stupid things to get mad about… a person is lost forever.  Why can’t families come together and honor the memories?  Maybe it is just parts of my family where this happens.  I am just tired of it.  I think my tears today are more for the lost love left here on earth than for my uncle… at least he is at peace.

Thanks for letting me rant a bit today.  It really looks like my part of the family will not make the out-of-town drive.  For my uncle, may he rest in peace.  Love you “Lab.”