Happy and Grateful – Day 305

November brings a chill in the air and the start of the holiday gatherings of family and friends.  I can’t believe I am down to the last two month of my challenge to find happiness and feel gratitude every day.  I hope you join with me in the comments or your own blog in this challenge.  No matter how small there is always a little good in even the worst day.

Today was a day to try to catch my breath.  I literally swallowed wrong today and it resulted in about 5 minutes of coughing and wheezing until I was breathing somewhat normally again.  But it was also a day to try to catch up.

I have been on the go for several days and just couldn’t do it anymore.  I made it to take Dad to his Wednesday coffee, but the errands I was going to run I put off for another day.  The laundry will keep another day.  And my boyfriend fixed dinner.  I was grateful to be able to listen to my body when it said stop.

I did take a little of my down time to scan some old photographs into my computer.  My daughter was wanting some pictures of her dad and I had a stack of them to scan for her.  I even included the one of him sporting a mullet and me in shorts with sunburned legs (the reason why I rarely wear shorts – I just burn).  It made me happy to have a little trip down memory lane today.  But it was bittersweet as it reminded me of all I lost too.

Sleep is knocking on the door now… I am overdue in answering it.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a wonderful night/day!

7 Days 7 Photos – A Black And White Challenge Day 2

I want to thank Stella at Giggles & Tales for challenging me.

Seven days, seven photos rules

  • Black and while photos
  • Photos of your life
  • No people
  • No explaination
  • Challenge someone each day

BW Letter Writing LR.jpg

Today I challenge Michael at retireediary to join in the fun.