Mumbles … Screen

Photo from Pexels

The days of the silver screen may be over.  People have been getting by with Netflix and Apple TV, Hulu and Prime Video.  There may not be Blockbusters left, but there are Redbox machines if you want to risk the germs from the last person who had that DVD.  To try to survive this Corona Virus shutdown the local theater is popping up bags of popcorn on the weekend and will sell you candy as well.  There really is nothing quite as good as movie theater popcorn… except the popcorn my Dad used to make on the stove years ago.

Now back when I was able to work there were people who would watch movies and TV shows on their phones in the breakroom.  I am afraid there are a lot of movies with great cinematography that will not come through on such a small screen.

If people get comfortable in their homes watching the first run movies, will theaters be able to survive?  Personally, I love a movie on the big screen, just not too happy about the prices.  There is no way of knowing until this pandemic runs its course and we can maybe get used to a new normal.  Time will tell.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – screen