Mumbles… Bonus

I live… I did not dissolve into a puddle in the rain (for those days I am a close cousin to the Wicked Witch from Oz)… I did not forget how to type… I did not vacation in the stars on an alien spaceship… I have just been silent for a bit.

Life has gone on since I decided to stop writing daily posts.  I did not disturb some cosmic force by changing things and I feel more relaxed.  So, in my book that is a win.  I did not really intend to take a break from reading too, but it seems I have done that as well.  But I will shortly begin reading through post soon.  Since I am more than two weeks behind I will probably not comment a lot.  But I will read all I can!

Things have been ok… not great, but not awful either.  I have dear friends I connect with regularly and I know I would be lost without this communication and love.  Still have my doctor visits and health issues to monitor but day by day I continue.  AND it is getting nicer outside all the time.  Today they are expecting near 70 for a high… bring on Spring!

I am hoping to start posting more pictures again and I leave you today with a bonus.  This was a small bunch I poured out of my bag of baby carrots.  You take these little surprises with a smile and be glad your life has been enriched in some small way.  May you all find a little extra today!  (((HUGS)))

Mumbles … Post

This weekend is about writing and working on Dad’s house.  I am now only 4 – 5 days behind in my daily prompts.  So, I am going to try to get caught up this weekend.  I hope the muses are on my side.

The reason I am trying so hard to catch up is that I want to start a new challenge on Monday.  It is an A to Z challenge a fellow blogger introduced me to.  I guess you are supposed to pick a topic or theme to write about, but I don’t follow rules well so, I will pick an appropriate word every day to post about.  It is a post every day except Sundays in the month of April.  I think it will be fun.

As for the other half of the weekend and cleaning out Dad’s house, I wouldn’t call that fun, but we are starting to see some progress made.  The kitchen is ready to be scraped and painted, while the bedrooms get a good run through.  I imagine those won’t take too long.  It is just hard as my sister works and has only been able to make it one of the weekend days a few times.  So, it is slow going.  There is not a lot I can do without her there… I don’t want to get rid of something I shouldn’t.  And her being the older sister she is older and wiser, right?

Starting Monday, I will be doing the A to Z Challenge along with my regular daily prompt post.  I hope I don’t clog up your reader feeds with too much nonsense. I may even be able to work two posts into one if I get all wild and crazy some days.  Ok… I am off to do more reading.  Have a great weekend!


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