Foggy Days

Sometimes it is hard to be present
Alive and focused on the here and now
The fog drifts though my head
and life takes on a haze
I read something three times
Before I finally understand
I struggle for the right words
To say what I really mean
I often just stay silent
Because the fog is bad at the time
Don’t take it as a shunning
It’s a problem with my mind
All I can do is take a deep breath
And gently try again


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – present

Here And Now

Live life in the present
Don’t dwell in the past
Don’t fear about the future
Try to make the moment last
Live life in the now
Forget mistakes you made
Overlook the coming uncertainty
The pain will start to fade
Live life in the current day
Stop missing what is gone
End the “what if” thoughts
Face a brighter new dawn