The Unknown Package

She sat down at the table with sacks next to her on the floor.  She had boxes, scissors, tape and wrapping paper, all ready to wrap up this year’s Christmas gifts.  As she began to wrap there was Christmas music playing on the radio.  She began to sort gifts and box those that would be hard to wrap when there was a knock on the door.

As she went to the door, she heard someone going down the porch steps.  She opened the door just in time to see the UPS truck pulling away.  This was puzzling because she had all her gifts she had bought online already.  In spite of that there sat a box on her front porch.

She brought the package inside reading the label on it.  It was addressed to her and had an unknown address for the return label.  She was very puzzled and began to open the box.  When she got it open and realized what it was, she had tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat.  Her Uncle had sent pictures and home movies to a company that transferred them onto DVDs.  He had told her he wanted to do that, but she had forgotten about it.  What a great way to remember those in the family that had passed on before this Christmas.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – tape

12 Days of Christmas – Children

picture from the net

This one is from memories and as an observer both.  As a kid I remember my parents capturing my attention with a beautiful Christmas tree, all the pretty cards we would get and display and of course there was the magic of Santa.  Mom always said if you don’t believe you don’t get any presents… I believed with my whole heart!

As I grew up and saw for the first time my cousins wide-eyed expressions at the tree, Gma’s village and the gifts… it really made me appreciate the total wonder kids can have this time of year.  Those decorations are some of the shiniest, prettiest things they have seen in their short lives.

There is nothing quite like watching a kid open gifts.  They for one are very honest and you know if they like it or not instantly.  But the moment they open something they like it is like a new world for them.  A child really into the whole Christmas experience makes the whole day worth while.

Next week I will see a great-nephew open gifts.  He is now three and should be at a great age to watch.  The two nieces are too young for much wonder yet, but next year should be great with all three of them aware of the awe of Christmas.  Do you have young children in your family you are excited to see experience Christmas?