What’s Inside

Can I get a little privacy

A little time to myself

Where I’m not

Girlfriend, mother, daughter,

Sister, or even friend…


A time when I can just be me

And not trying to impress someone

Or take care of another

A time when I put myself first

Not second, third or further down the line


Maybe it is not privacy I need

Maybe it is a change in me I need

A determination to be put first

A strength not to be walked on

A confidence that I matter


…maybe it is just not in me

When I Grow Up…

As a kid growing up I used to dream of being an actress or singer.  Or even the wife of someone famous so I could look pretty for the camera …  dreams of a child are not well thought out.  Now as an adult and more so the older I get, I am glad I did not follow that dream.  To never have any privacy.  Your entire life out there for everyone to see.  You couldn’t pay me enough to be that pretty woman on the red carpet… did you ever wish for something you now are far away from wanting?


She opens the door and steps out of the car

Her long legs stretch out first

Followed by her slender figure

The dress she wears sparkles in the lights

Her face is painted to sheer perfection

Her hair in an elegant up-do swept off her neck

She exudes beauty in the spotlight

And we all look on in awe and envy

…but would we really want that life

Never able to block out the light of scrutiny

No matter how dark the sunglasses are

Stuck forever in the shine of celebrity?