The Project

He stood by the desk, slouched over with a bad look on his face.  He looked like he wanted to be anywhere else.  Another man approached him and said, “Tom, you look like someone stole your car, what’s up buddy?”

Tom said, “It’s this project.  I just can’t get excited about it at all.  It is just not my cup of tea.”

The man said, “Being apathetic about it isn’t going to make it go any better.  You should just grin and bare it.  It will all be done by next week.”

Tom sighed and said, “You’re right, thanks Fred.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – apathetic



Happy and Grateful – Day 302

The month of October is upon us.  Fall is in full swing with the leaves gathering on the lawn… maybe a pile or two to run through even.  The evenings are getting dark earlier as the days grow shorter.  And a few of us look forward to a good scare with Halloween coming this month.  Everyday has at least some small portion of good in it.  I am looking for that good with this challenge to find my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join in with the challenge by commenting or writing your own blog… let’s find some goodness today.

I spent the afternoon today going to four different stores with my daughter looking for vampire teeth.  Then when we did find some it was the one size fits all curse… they of course didn’t fit.  So she took to them with the scissors to try to get the right cut on them.  In the long run she had to just cut out the fangs and used “stitched” floss through the plastic to hook them between her teeth.  Pretty clever of her I thought.  It made me happy to do a little shopping with her.  And of course we had to stop and get some coffee while we were out.

Tonight I came home to find my boyfriend involved in a project to put a peg board over my craft desk.  It will hopefully free up some desk space and keep more things in reach.  We got about half of it put together and all measured out but need longer screws to finish it.  We have to go out tomorrow anyway for groceries so we will get the rest of the parts then.  I am grateful he is doing this project for me.

I am going to go and watch some more of the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America.  I hope to get some sleep after this episode is over.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a wonderful night/day!