A to Z Challenge – D

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The letter D…

She was like a dream come true.  I couldn’t have asked for better.  My daughter was a happy baby, a curious child, an independent teen, and is a successful young woman.  She is smart, kind and my friend.  I couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments – managing a coffee shop, planning a wedding and buying a house.  She has found someone to share her life with her Dad would have approved of.  And they do talk about having some grandchildren for me to spoil someday.  She has a natural beauty I envy.  She has the intelligence to work through problems with a level head.  I may see her with a mother’s eyes, but she makes friends easily and is well liked by her staff.  I would be lost without her in my life.  Of course my grateful D is for daughter.


Today would have been the year my ex-husband would start to get those senior discounts at 55.  He left us far too early at only 52.  Every day I hurt for my daughter still who so deeply loved her dad.  I know he was very proud of her and I have to believe his is looking down on her and smiling everyday.  Today I tried to write a little something for my daughter to let her know he was and I feel still is so very proud of her and the woman she has become.

Today is like the last one

And the one before

There really isn’t a time

That you miss him more


But know this one thing

Even though he is gone

He was so proud of you

Each and every dawn


You have become a woman

Your father would have loved

And he still does to this day

Just sent from heaven above


for the daily prompt missing