At Her Side

She had a troubled life

Was traumatized by

Those she trusted

The way she coped at first

Was to write out

Her fears and pain

She was very prolific

With her words of despair

Then one day

The words no longer worked

She was trouble by things

We see everyday

A phone ringing

A mailman at the door

And she became afraid

To step outside her home

Friends rallied around her

And her life miraculously changed

With a four-legged friend

To help her through

Her anxiety and PTSD

He saved her life

And brought her

Some security and love

A companion with a purpose

Who gave her hope again

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – prolific

(photo from Pintrest)

Fireworks Flashback

Last year a friend posted about how some of our soldiers have a hard time around the holidays with fireworks causing PTSD trauma.  Please be mindful of vets in your neighborhood when deciding to use fireworks over the summer.

As the fireworks explode

Across the night time sky

He hears the bombs detonate

Once again inside his mind

Every year he dreads the holidays

And the memories they bring

The sounds and smell of gunpowder

Scarred him when he was just nineteen

And every fuse that is ignited

Brings more flashbacks to his mind

He is haunted by the sounds of war

Brought to life with just a bang