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Another day of rain.  This was the seventh day in a row that saw grey clouds and at least some small amount of rain.  There were flood warmings everywhere in the area and Judy dreaded going to work.  She worked for a farming company and their office of course was in the country.  A gravel road to get there and a parking lot that had turned into a quagmire of mud and rock.

As Judy went to get into her car, she opened her umbrella and sprinted jumping over puddles along the way.  She reached her car and tried to shake off some of the water before she brought her umbrella in.  Just then her phone rang.  It was her boss calling her.  “Yeah Jeff, what’s up?

Jeff responded, “Did I catch you before you left for work?”

“Barely, I was just getting ready to start my car.”

“Don’t.  There is no way we are going to have more than two or three farmers in the office today with the floods threatening.  So, why don’t you take a personal day and avoid the mud today.”

“That is music to my ears Jeff, thanks!”

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – quagmire

Summer Storm

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The sky had turned a greenish grey

Rain poured down sideways

Driven by the howling winds

As the lightening flashed all around

Thunder added to the incessant din

The summer storm was full force

As the hail began to bounce on the pavement

Trees cracked as branches fell

Sparks flew as power lines snapped

And my fear began to rise

I paced

I held a flashlight

I turned up the radio for news

Then just when I thought I would explode in fear


I realized the hail had stopped

The rain was lighter

The winds had diministed

And the thunder distant


The storm was over

And I stepped outside

To look for the rainbow

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – incessant and din

Summer Storm

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It starts slowly

Just a drop or two

The sidewalk is dotted

And the asphalt turns darker

Slowly the winds increase

And the rain falls faster

There is a flash in the distance

And a low rumble of thunder

Begins to get louder

The winds grow strong

A downpour at an angle

Lightning and thunder within a few miles

It rages for a while

Even produces a little hail

Then almost as fast as it started

The winds die down

The rain slows to a sprinkle

The clouds move onward

And the faintest hints of color in the sky

As a rainbow shimmers in the aftermath

Of the summer storm

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – rain

Fandango’s Friday Flashback – May 15th

Every Friday Fandango asks us to look back through our past entries on this date of a previous year.  This week we go back to 2017 When I was posting a weekly “Monochrome Monday” picture at the time.  That is what I will share today…

Monochrome Monday – Horizontal Tree

This week I am also posting for the Weekly Photo Challenge as well as my Monochrome Monday.  This was a picture from a bridge after a rain storm, I thought it fit the reflecting challenge quite well.  Have a great week everyone!

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

Mumbles … Flippant

Today has been a rough day for me.  My fibro is in a flare and has me hurting a lot.  I blame it partially on the unending rain we have had.  But the weatherman says that tomorrow there is going to be a dry day.  So, when the fibro flares I also have issue with thinking clearly.  And I have tried all day to come up with a post for flippant… I’ve got nothing.  I tried to write a poem and a short story, and my muse was on vacation for much of any writing.  I was even struggling to come up with comments today.  I hope you will forgive me for my lack of words today.  I am going to dig back into the posts I am behind on and hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, I will be in a little better shape.  Oh, and as for flippant… it is one word I have usually heard regarding someone not being serious or showing a lack of respect.  Something I have never been at least on purpose.  Good night everyone!


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – flippant



Pink Splashes


She stood in her pink rain coat and matching boots looking at the window.  Making sure her Mom was watching, she ran to the puddle and jumped in with both feet.  The resulting splash reached all the way to her face and she squinted her eyes shut and then let out a huge laugh.  She calmly walked out of the puddle only to turn around and splash again.

After about 15 minutes her hair was drenched and she was soaked but she jumped one last time as her Mom opened the door, “Ashley, it’s time to come in and dry off.”

She laughed and skipped up to the door.  “Mom, did you see me?  I splashed a lot!”

“Yes,” her Mom answered.  “I saw you splash all over.  Did you have fun?”

“Oh yes Mommy, I did.  Can I splash again when Daddy comes home?”  She asked her Mom with a big smile.

“No sweetie, we have to eat dinner and then it is movie night.”

“Can I watch The Little Mermaid tonight?”

“Yes Ashley, you can.  Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

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Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – puddle

Cloud Burst

The day was nothing special
Just a walk along the shore
Then the rain began to fall
Thunder took us by surprise
We were huddled together
Standing next to a lighthouse
We began to kiss
Searching out each other
Like the ships guided by the lights
Finding security in each other
We warmed ourselves with passion
As the storm drenched us
We crashed like the waves on the rocks
Together we found pure pleasure
As the rain stopped falling


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – special