Home Soon

I answered the phone and right away recognized that raspy voice.  It was him calling from the other side of the world where he was for work; so very far away.  “Good morning babe,” he said with a yawn.

I glanced at the clock and saw it was about four o’clock in the afternoon.  Doing fast time math in my head I said, “Good morning.  Don’t you have to be at work in a half an hour?”

“Nah, I’ve got an hour.  Don’t have to be there until seven today.”

“I’ve missed you.  It is so nice to hear your voice.  I can tell that you JUST woke up by that gruffness in your voice… makes me really miss ALL of you.”

“You know we are going to make up for lost time when I come home next week.  You can have me as many mornings, afternoons and nights as you want.”

“I plan on it darling.  I took time off from work even.  This has been a long six months.”

“Well you know I love you babe, but I have to go.  I promised a couple of the guys from work a McDonald’s Japanese breakfast.  I miss you.”

“I miss you too hon. And love you to the ends of the earth.  Good-bye.”


I hung up the phone with a tear dropping on my cheek.  Told myself this bonus check would be worth it.  And lightly touched my stomach.  “Don’t worry baby, Daddy will be home soon to meet you.”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – raspy