Day Two

For my happiness post I have to work a little harder today.  It has been a rough day – I missed an appointment, forgot to pay the electric bill while I was out and went half the day before I remembered to take my morning meds. But there was that moment when I was able to sit down to my computer, my comfy clothes on and put my feet up and I felt at home.  Some days I run more errands than I would like to and my aches and pains really show it.  But to hear the clanks of this old recliner as it opens up to lift my feet to a quiet rest… that moment is joy.

A quiet moment at the end of a day can turn your day around if it is just right.  Over all it was a kind of crappy day…but I am more relaxed now than I have been a good portion of the day and that my friends is happiness!  (((HUGS)))