A to Z Challenge – Records

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R is for records

I grew up with lots of records (or vinyl for you youngsters).  We had albums, 45’s and my parents even had some 78’s.  We would stack them up 2 and 3 deep to play lots of songs.  But sometimes with three of them the record would lag a little and sound bad… but then it was a J C Penny’s stereo too.  As we got older my sister invested in a nice stereo when she saved up money from her first job.  I was so jealous of her… it was a very nice stereo system.

We had rock, country, dixieland, classics, Christmas and even a couple of comedy records.  My parents love of all kinds of music (Elvis to Bing Crosby, Chuck Berry to Herb Albert) lead to my love of all music.  The variety of music that played on the stereo shaped my life.

I saved my allowance to go to the local Musicland store to get the latest hot album I couldn’t live without – The Kiss solo albums, Foreigner, and Billy Thorpe just to name a few

.  I even got a couple of albums that weren’t exactly hit albums – John Travolta’s and Jeff Conaway’s to name a couple.

As I grew older country had a big pull on me and I have some promotional give away albums for The Oak Ridge Boys, Lee Greenwood and Alabama.  And that is about the time I discovered soundtracks – The Rose, Grease, Sooner or Later.

My records are still with me.  Even have a couple I’ve gotten autographed.  And now with the resurgence in vinyl I may have to look into a modern day turntable.

As a special treat here is a sampling of John’s album at a very young age in 1976…


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