Searching for Change

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I am stuck

In a world fraught

With pain and bad thoughts

The only way out

I see is through you

Through change and acceptance

Expression of feelings

That leave behind no doubts

Until then I am drowning

In a glut of despair

Waiting for something

To take me from here

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – glut

Is It Time

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The years have gone by

And you can tell

They are beginning

To take their toll on us

I no longer believe

I can sustain the façade

Of a perfectly happy home

So it’s time for truth

And a dose of reality

Is it worth the struggle

To hold on tight

Or is it simply

Time for goodbye

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – sustain

Reaching the Summit

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In a relationship

Many things should become

Easier with someone there

But we’ve come to

An uphill slope

That is steeper than it seems

And maybe never ending

But I try to keep going

One foot in front of the other

And climbing over debris

Sometimes you’re with me

And other times I am alone

I guess I will wait and see

If you have stuck with me

Until the summit or if

You have given up back down the road

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – slope

A Woman’s Place Is In The Home

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He was handsome and she was drawn in.  She caught his eyes across the bar, and they smiled at each other.  A connection was sparked and thus began their relationship.  All was fine until they began to talk one day about children, work and the home.  She had worked for 5 years already for a up and coming computer program company.  He said, “Well that will all stop when you have a child.”

She looked puzzled and said, “Why would it stop?”

“Well a women’s place is in the home, or should I say a mother’s place is at home with the children.  I don’t want any latch key kid in this day and age.”

“Wait, what?  Are you serious?”

“There are too many crazies out there anxious to find the kids who are not properly cared for and therefor easier to convert to their twisted ways.”

“And what would be wrong with YOU staying home to raise the children?”

“It is the man’s job to earn the money.”

She sat in silence for quite a while.  Finally finding her voice she said, “well maybe I didn’t know you as well as I thought I did.  My career is very important to me.  I might cut my hours down, but I will continue to work when the day comes to have children.  There are ways to balance schedules out, so the children are with both parents for a majority of time.  There is day care for those times when the parents can’t be with them.”

“Are you kidding?  Have you seen what happens to kids in day care?  Not my child!”

“I am sorry, but this is a problem.  You obviously have old antiquated ways and I am in the current day and age on this.  Maybe we should call it quits now before this gets worse?” And with that she left him alone in the same bar where they first met.


Written for Fandango’s February Expressions (FFE) #6

Honesty Please

I’m so tired of this…

Can’t you be more forthright

And tell me what you want of me

We run in circles

Trying to please each other

And getting no where

We are lost in the chaos

Of two lives grown apart

But you won’t talk to me

To try to solve this problem

You only buy more flowers

And shower me with gifts

Just be honest for once

And clearly state your case

Do you even still care for me

Or am I just taking up space


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – forthright

Happy and Grateful – Day 23

I have undertaken a challenge this year.  I am trying to find the good in every day by writing about happiness and gratitude that I feel.  No matter how small there is always something to bring a smile or make you grateful, if just for a moment.  Follow along with me as I dig deep as necessary and find the peace of the day.  Join in if you are feeling happy and grateful too – in the comments or on your own blog.  Let’s find some fun!

My daughter has been very busy.  She is filling in at her job as a temporary manager due to a maternity leave the manager took.  She has worked a lot of extra hours and has not had time to visit.  Today we managed to find the time to catch a late lunch/early dinner together.  It was so good to see her.

We had some good food, good conversation and each laughed… that was definitely needed by both of us.  She is always a bright spot in my day.  I think we have a pretty good relationship that goes beyond mother daughter to friendship.  I was always really close with my mom and wanted my daughter to have the same.  Seeing my daughter today made me very happy.  And I am grateful to have her as both a daughter and a friend.