(A2Z) Ready to Rock?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels.com

REO Speedwagon, Ray Charles, Rupaul, Rascal Flatts… R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A., Radar Love, Raspberry Beret, Rebel Yell… Rhythm, radio, recorder, roadies… really want to relax with one of these.

I earlier mentioned my love of musicals during the letter F… this is one of my all-time favorites, Rent!  The music is good, the story is heartbreaking but good.  I have seen the movie and a touring stage production.  Both have their own merits and are better in their own way.  Just don’t ask me to pick a favorite.

By far my favorite part is when they go into the diner and sing “La Vie Boheme.”  A close second is the introduction to Angel – “Today for You.”  And you can’t dismiss the opening and closing song of the musical, “Seasons of Love.”   It is all good, music, dance, acting… now I must get out my DVD!

Blogging A to Z April Prompt


Day 75 – 100 Days of Happiness

It was a drizzly rain that lasted all day yesterday.  Temperatures in the low fifties so the rain felt like a chill to the bone.  Rain always makes me ache, cold always makes me ache, but the weather was not going to put a damper on the day.

I met my daughter for a nice breakfast at Perkins.  Fueled up on french toast and coffee we set out for our destination in the rain.  We made it into the “big city” and didn’t get lost once (thank you Google GPS).  We had arrived at the civic center.

It was the day the two of us had been waiting for, for a long time.  We were going to see the live stage production of the musical Rent.  It was a Saturday matinée and I was sad to see there were empty seats left for this 20th anniversary show.  But it was AMAZING!


The subtle differences between the movie and the stage production were obvious but not distracting at all.  I loved the way they staged the multi character scenes.  The voices were magnificent.  All the actors did a fantastic job!

Now my daughter and I have seen four different Broadway show here on the small stages in Iowa.  We have seen Cats, Wicked, Beauty and the Beast and now Rent.  I can’t wait for the next show to add to our list… would love for it to be The Color Purple when it starts to tour!

Today I have memories and a new tour shirt to wear … yesterday was definitely a day of happiness in spite of the weather!  Now off to today’s moments of happiness.