Out of Time

Hurry, rush, get it done

Scurry, scramble there is no time

In a fast-paced world

There is no room for doubt

No time to hesitate

Decisions must be made immediately

Try to keep up

Or you will be passed by


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – scramble

The Sad Flower

Robert always rushed.  He would rush here, and rush there.  He never would stand still.

Then one day he saw a sad flower and he stopped to talk to her.  “Why are you so sad?” he asked the flower.

The sad flower sniffled and said, “Because no one takes time to notice me. They always rush by before I can smile for them. I only want to make their day more beautiful.”

Robert thought for a minute and said, “Maybe I could take you home with me and I can show my family how beautiful you are?”

The sad flower lowered her petals and sighed, “If you take me home then I will not be able to help more people see the beauty of nature.”

“What is nature?” Robert asked.

The sad flower told him, “Nature is all living things – the grass, trees, flowers, and plants. It can be the look of the sunshine or the feeling of rain. It is all around but many people never stop to look at it. It can be very beautiful if they would just take the time to look.”

Robert smiled and said, “I like nature. I like to play in the rain and jump in puddles. Is that nature?”

The sad flower began to straighten up just a bit and said, “That is a part of nature. I am so happy to hear you like nature.”

Robert said, “I am going to go home now and tell my family about how beautiful nature is.”

The sad flower stood tall and proud, smiling she said, “Thanks for taking the time to see the beauty of nature. I feel better thanks to you.”

“Goodbye flower. I will see you tomorrow. You are beautiful.” Robert said and turned to go home.