Mumbles… blink

I’ll admit it … by definition from when I was growing up I am a nerd.  I like science fiction and fantasy.  Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who have all worked their way into my blood stream.  Now I can’t say I have seen every episode, but I find it very hard to pass by a channel they are playing on when they are on TV.  That is why the word prompt “blink” could only lead me to one thought – “Don’t Blink!”  It was a Doctor Who episode where I was first introduced to the weeping angels – an alien in the form of a statue that moves when you don’t look at it.  Really quite a creepy episode.  They have made it back a couple of times since then and are one of my favorite enemies of the Doctor.

I have to blame my Dad for my love of science fiction.  I remember watching Star Trek growing up and of course we went to see the Star Wars movies when they came out.  I dabble in other shows too – Quantum Leap, Serenity, Dark Matter to name a few.  Read a few Robert Heinlein and Piers Anthony (love his Xanth novels, the puns are amazing!) novels as well.

Of course the big questions are Star Trek vs Star Wars and until recently I felt it was hard to compare them, but with the newer Star Trek Movies…I would have to pick Star Trek.  Favorite captain is Picard and Janeway.  And my favorite Doctor is David Tennant… with a huge nod to Capt Jack Harkness (played by John Barrowman) during his time as the Doctor.  Those two interacted so well together!

I even collected the Star Trek the Next Generation trading cards many years ago when they came out… I have nearly a full set of inverted back cards too – Oops.  Many of the shows on DVD.  And one of these years I will make it to a con I hope!

Are you a fan of science fiction?  Any favorites you want to share?  I am off now to boldly go… do some laundry LOL!