Starlight Sea

I want to drift to sea with you

Only seeing by starlight

The moon a spotlight on us

As we gently rock on the waves

No ships to distract us

As we float into the night

Resting my head on your shoulder

As you sing softly to me


I want to drift to sea with you

Only seeing by starlight

Wrapped up in a blanket

We share more than warmth

Fish are jumping beside us

Trying to see what love’s about

We kiss until we hit the shore

Only hungry for so much more


I want to feel the sand with you

stepping lightly with bare feet

As you chase me on the beach

In a playful moment of happiness

Letting you catch me

I give to you your prize

We are one spread out on a blanket

Love’s passion reaches its peak


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – ship

Turbulent Seas

She stood at the precipice

Looking out to the sea.

A part of her wanted

To become one with the foam;

He had left her all alone

To be with another.

Her world was shaken,

Knocking her down without warning.

But she soaked in the view,

Felt the turbulent seas

Were like the chaos of her life.

Today churning,

But tomorrow they may become

Calm and beautiful in another way.

She would take charge and find

Her true beauty within.

Not to show him,

But to show herself

She can’t be kept down.