Be Mine

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The lights were turned down.   Soft music was playing on the stereo.  Fresh flowers in a vase on the table.  The mood was a palpable seduction.  She couldn’t believe the scene had been set for her.  She wandered down the hall and found a trail of clothes strewn on the floor leading to the bedroom.  There was no one in the bedroom so she went to the only adjoining room, the master bath.  She found her husband in the bathtub with two champagne glasses on the side of the tub that was filled with bubbles.  “Hello Honey, happy Valentine’s Day”


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Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – palpable


She sees her target

And the dance begins

Each movement with a purpose

Like a spider to a fly

She catches his gaze

She acts shy and turns away

She takes out her lipstick

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And slowly applies it

Blotting the excess on a napkin

She looks his way again

And smiles innocently at him

He is drawn in

And starts to get up

She sees her moment coming

He is going to come to her

Just then a woman is embraced

Into the warmth of his arms

And all she can think is

I wasted my lipstick on him


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – blot


His eyes are mesmerizing

His gaze inviting

I know I shouldn’t

But I am tempted


His hands are gentle

His touch electric

I know I shouldn’t

But I am tempted


His words are magical

His voice hypnotic

I know I shouldn’t

But I am tempted


His life is carefree

His attitude freedom

I know I shouldn’t

But I am tempted


… I can’t betray him

I can’t escape

I know I won’t

But still I am tempted