A Future Apart

Swollen eyes
Red and watery
I’m tired to the very core
Everything hurts
But not as much
As my heart does
You walked away
And somehow I let you
But now the pain
Is raw and real
I’m not sure it was right
I still love you
But I know to keep
Our peace of mind
It had to happen
We just couldn’t
Survive the differences
Of where the future
Was taking us
And so I must
Go on without you
If I can only survive this pain


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – swollen

The Grand Canyon

It keeps growing,

this giant gap between us;

like water eroding the earth

cutting a deep chasm.

Time deepens the distance,

making the path ever wider.

There is no physical bond,

communication becoming silent

and even a thought seems rare.

We have become strangers

worlds apart…