Light Up The Sky (FOWC)

Red sparks fill the skies
As the first of the fireworks explode
Blue stars
Gold smiles
And even a red heart
Ignite the sky with light
White percussive blasts
And multiple explosions create
The sounds of the Fourth of July
Kids laugh and gasp in awe
As they exclaim, “That one was my favorite!”
More than a few times
The adults delight in dangers
Of setting off their own colorful shows
And I just set back and take it all in
One blast after another
Until the last of the smoke clears the sky


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – fireworks

Melting Sky

The sunset was glorious

Pink and lavender clouds

Atop an orange ball

With bright streaks of light

Struggling to hang onto the day

But alas the stars reign

As night shrouds the day

A blanket of darkness

Dotted with twinkling lights

The only way it could be better

Was if you were here to see it

Right by my side…