No More Wonder

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He stood at the window

Staring off into space

He looked different but

The difference was only slight

He had a touch of grey

That had frosted his hair

But his built and mannerisms

Were still the same

How many times had she wondered

Where he was now

Today she could reach out

Touch him and turn back time

If only she was brave enough

She just smiled a little

And quietly turned and left

Sure he would never remember

The shy girl from school

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – slight


He walks by
And I stop in my tracks,
He has more than
slight resemblance to you.
I know it can’t be you
Since you’re miles away
And I begin to move on.
It is bad enough
That so many things
Remind me of you,
I don’t need people who do too.
I dab the corner of my eyes,
I feel the sting of loss
And know my arms
Will be empty again tonight.