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Music affects the soul

It brings emotions out in the listener

Music affects the heart

We can’t help but feel good when we hear a favorite song

Music affects the mind

Memories come drifting back with every note

Music affects every aspect of our lives

Let it play on


A song that has been on my mind recently and Tom was one of my Mom’s favorite so in honor of her this Mother’s Day evening…. hope you like this little bit of blues.

For Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – aspect

(A2Z) X-rays To See The Tunes

X… well this is a tough one.  I looked up artists and only found eight that started with x and I didn’t know a single one of them.   Songs were a little more familiar as in I knew who sang them X, X Marks the Spot, Xanadu, Xscape.  And back to more struggles with musical terms… xylophone.   So this post is going to be short.

When I was a kid my grandparents had an old xylophone that I used to like to play with.  In music class in elementary school we would take turns playing the xylophone.  I remember my first professional musician I saw was on an HBO special that Mom and Dad taped called Here It Is, Burlesque.  He played a couple of songs and was so FAST with the mallets!

Since I can’t find that show on video I will include a video of someone doing one of the same songs, Saber Dance, although she is not near as animated when she plays as he was… wish I could remember his name.

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(A2Z) What I Wanted

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Who, Whitney Houston, Whitesnake… What a Wonderful World, Words, What About Me, Whiskey Lullaby…Waltz, woodwind, Wurlitzer, Wicked… who should I listen to first?

This post will not be what I originally envisioned.  I learned back on the letter T that I cannot share music unless I have a premium plan over the free one.  I apologize that you will not be able to hear this.

About a million years ago… ok. It really wasn’t that long ago, more like 35-36 years ago.  I have talked about some of my favorite local musicians before.  There was one band where I friended the guitar player and we talked often.  Long story short, I gave him a few of my lyrics I had written in my love of writing with hopes he might find one acceptable as a song.

A few months later he sent me a cassette tape (I did say this was a while ago) and he had added a few lyrics and altered just a couple of words and set it to music!  It was such a rush to hear words I had written actually sung.  I think he did a great job on it and I did eventually switch it to a CD and would share the song here if I could.  Since I don’t have that ability, here are a couple of the other songs I have listed along with my original lyrics that provided the seed for “We Tamed the Night.”

We’ll Tame This Night

I know it’s wrong

but it feels so right

and with that look in his eyes

I’ll believe all of his lies

because before too long

together we’ll tame this night


I was sitting at the bar

when he walked in.

He was alone like me

and he flashed me a grin.

Before he sat down with me

I bought him a drink

and after we’d talked awhile

my mind began to think.


that I know it’s wrong

but it feels so right

and with that look in his eyes

I’ll believe all of his lies

because before too long

together we’ll tame this night


We drove through town

and he showed me each sight,

all the wonders of the city

brightened at night.

Then as he parked the car

with a smile on his face

my mind had doubts

but I knew this was the place.


And I knew it was wrong

but it felt so right

and with that look in his eyes

I believed all of his lies

because it didn’t take too long

until together we tamed this night.

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(A2Z) Time for Tunes

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Toto, Three Dog Night, Talking Heads, Train… Tennessee Flat Top Box, Tiny Dancer, Take it Easy, Tainted Love… Tuba, trombone, track, theremin… take this time to tap your toes.

This is a bitter-sweet post for me.  About 30 to 35 years ago, I discovered a area band that blew me away.  It was a four-piece band called of all things, Tasty Nickel.  (You know I never did hear the story of where the name came from) They were a regular in two different bars here in town and I would see them play most every night they were here.

The band consisted of a married couple, his brother and a few different drummers.  The highlight of every time I saw them was a song called “Too Old to Cry.”  The lead singer, who wrote it, did the song so good with such emotion… I would sit and really get lost in the song about a break-up.

The band went through some changes, disbanded and the couple started another band briefly.  But hung up the road life for something more stable.  They completed some college and moved on to different lives.  I lost touch with them when they moved to Virginia, I think it was.

Sadly, I recently discovered the lead singer who wrote “Too Old to Cry” had passed away from cancer.  I do NOT own this song and I do NOT own the pictures, but I put together a video about 15 years ago for the song.  I have debated whether or not to post it, but I still want Craig’s music to be heard.  I really love this song and have always dreamed to hear it on the radio one day.  So, if I can get this to work you will now see and hear “Too Old to Cry.”

Alas… WP does not allow free subscriptions to add video OR audio files without paying. So sadly I cannot share with you all. Trust me it is an amazing song! More videos will return with U tomorrow. SORRY!

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Blogging A to Z April Prompt


(A2Z) In the Beginning…

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The month of April is upon us and it brings with it the Blogging From A to Z Challenge.  Now I have been a little behind on my blog, so I did not officially enter the challenge, but I am still going to give it a go.  My very general topic will be music… whether it is artist, song, album, video or concert it will have to do with music.  So, without further ado let’s find something for A.

We start at the beginning with letter A.  Aerosmith, AC/DC, America, Alabama… American Woman, All Night Long, At the Hop… accordian, amplifiers, air guitar… where should I begin?  Let’s go back a few years.

I remember a particular summer at my grandparent’s house in Omaha and for some reason the stereo was on.  I can vividly see my Grandpa coming into the living room and then calling for his wife to come into the room.  He began to dance with here right in the middle of the room.  Grandpa told me after the dance and song were over that it was his favorite songs, Alley Cat.  That is such a fun memory for me of an unexpected moment from my Grandpa.  From that day on I always remembered he liked that song.

When we were planning the music for my Dad’s memorial service, he had a couple of favorite CDs that were honky-tonk piano and ragtime music.  We left a few favorite and the funeral home picked the rest. Alley Cat ended up being one of those songs.  It made me smile on an otherwise sad day.

Take a listen to A for Alley Cat…

Island Breezes

Instantly I knew what I had to do for this post. I saw the word particular and instantly thought of the island sounds from Jimmy Buffett. He has such fun songs and I would love to take in one of his concerts, they seem to have a real party atmosphere. So I share with you One Particular Harbor.

For Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – particular

Falling Stars Ahead

When I saw the prompt for this day it was instantly that I thought, “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day.” The even more surprising thing is that I remembered who sang it even. This is a bit of Perry Como…

I know it was either Dad or grandma who would occasionally sing this. It is not rock and roll but it isn’t bad. Hope you enjoyed it!

For Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – catch

Mumbles … Equivocate

At my friend’s Zen Garden

I am finally within a day of posts… whoo hoo!  I think that means it is time to celebrate.  To unwind and relax a little.  And what better way to relax with a nice night of fishing, bug catching, watering flowers and talking to the neighbors.  Many of you will not understand that last line, but a few of you are bound to be out there that know all about a little game on the Nintendo Switch called Animal Crossing New Horizons.  It is just the latest in a series of Animal Crossing games from Nintendo.  And they are all a lot of harmless fun.  No violence, no swearing (well, unless you lose a shark off of your fishing rod!) and lots of cute animals.  I have a ACNH pal I play with quite often by visiting her island and then her visiting mine.  One particular night we were joking around, and the idea came up for a band name or a song called Pocket Full of Sharks, as we had caught many sharks that night fishing and you store them in you “pockets” until you can sell them.  I took up the challenge and a set of lyrics was born.  I envisioned it as a metal or at least rock beat.  Anyway, she said I had to publish this on WordPress as she found it quite funny.  So, indulge me for a moment while I step partway off of the sanity steps and delve into a little late night craziness that is…

A Pocket Full of Sharks

Pocket full of sharks

Pocket full of sharks

Great white, hammer head, whale sharks for me

On this island sharks are best you’ll see


First day on the island

I was alone and a little scared

But neighbors came to join me

And together we positively faired

Now don’t get me wrong

I do more than fish

But my favorite kind

Can’t be found in any dish


Pocket full of sharks

Pocket full of sharks

Great white, hammer head, whale sharks for me

On this island sharks are best you’ll see


With the bugs I do not bother

Because then I’d have to hear

Blather’s go on and on

Until the museum was clear

Clear full of arachnids, beetles and bees

If it weren’t for the branches

I’d never shake trees


Pocket full of sharks

Pocket full of sharks

Great white, hammer head, whale sharks for me

On this island sharks are best you’ll see


Now watch out for the suckers

They only try to tease

You think you’ve got a saw shark

But your dreams fly on a breeze

So when you see a fin

Don’t run and scare it away

It could bring you a fortune

Each day you find to play


Pocket full of sharks

Pocket full of sharks

Pocket full of sharks

Pocket full of sharks…(fade)


Now before I forget… equivocate.  Many parents equivocate to their children about Santa. There, now I did my part for the word of the day.  Ha ha!

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – equivocate


Every small step so precious

Every smile so sincere

Like a small gift from heaven

Every child’s so dear

And how about another kind of baby… the lyric in this song was the first thing I thought of…

For Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – baby

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