I see the china doll

No one wants to hold

Her face is cracked

Her paint is old and worn

The china doll is broken

Broken just like me

No one wants to

Be with the broken

Or someone like

This broken hearted me

Broken by the love

Your pulled away from me

And left alone with sorrow

That I so strongly feel

So I pick up the doll

With tenderness and compassion

And whisper we may be broken

But we still know how to care

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – broken

(photo uncredited online)

I Hurt

As the day’s light begins to dim
I feel the weight of the day on me
The aches and pains from life
Burning through my body
The sense of loss I endure
As another day passes without you
The sting of isolation
As I watch my friends disappear
And the twinge of sorrow I am left with
Knowing life will not slow down for me
I once again try to place
My hurting on a shelf
And end the day just grateful
For a heart that is still beating