The Devil’s Deal (FOWC)

Sign on the dotted line
Give me your soul
Turn your allegiance to me
And I will make your dreams reality
Imagine all you ever desire to be yours
All it costs it your eternal life

Sign the contract and you’ll be mine
But with so many riches beyond your fantasies
You’ll have wealth, fame and love from all
You’ll never be alone again
Or ache for love on lonely nights
All it costs is your eternal life

Sign your name in blood
And the deal is done
I promise you happiness
Trust me it’s true
You will never be denied again
All it cost if your eternal life

… I slowly sign
Beaten by my demons
Ready to surrender
Eager for a taste of happiness
Unwilling to live life in this pain
All it will cost me is my eternal life


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – contract

Shallow Beauty

The shallow ones
Always flaunt their looks
While the beautiful ones
Shy away from attention
The shallow ones
Always want more
While the beautiful ones
Are happy with what they have
The shallow ones
Never think of others
While the beautiful ones
Want others to be happy
The shallow ones
Often end up alone
While the beautiful ones
Find their own happiness

Beauty is about
So much more
Than the way you look
Let your beauty of soul
Shine brightly

The Forbidden Forest

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2The forbidden forest beckons

Enter if you dare

Cross the witches trail

Be ready for a scare

The forbidden forest darkens

As doom seeps into the air

You begin to feel the pull

As if it drags you there

The forbidden forest wails

An eerie kind of cry

Put on your bravest face

There is no time to be shy

The forbidden forest whispers

A haunting lullaby

Keep your wits about you

Or else you might just die

The forbidden forest surrounds

As if to swallow you whole

The night gives you no guidance

The skies as black as coal

The forbidden forest echoes

As you take your final stroll

Be wise in what you say

Or a demon may steal your soul…