On the Street Where You Live

*Edit note people were not seeing the image on this post I have hopefully fixed the problem… tell me if you can’t see it please. Thanks!

Fandango has chosen to return to a post he did last year.  We are tasked with taking a picture of the view from where we live.  My picture was already in my phone and taken last year in May.  If I were to take new pictures you would see nothing but bare trees still.  But the grass has started to green up.  So pick up your phones and link back to Fandango’s post here .  After all we don’t have anywhere to go these days, but this gives us a visual vacation.  Have fun and stay safe!

My street

This is the view off the front porch of my 100 year old house,  With any luck we can assess the sidewalk cracks this year when we get the driveway redone.

On The Street Where I Live

This began as the brain child of Fandango at This, That, And The Other.  To make a long story short, he thought it would be nice to see the streets of fellow bloggers.  So I eventually remembered and took my camera out on the way to my Dad’s last night.  Stopped in the driveway and captured a look into my neighborhood.  It is a pretty quiet street for the most part.  Lots of apartments in the area and all sort of people… singles, families, college students, couples, etc.  Anyway… I am a fan of black and white so here is a monochrome look into my world.  (Sorry I was so late with my link Fandango! But I am here at the party now.)

On My Street BW

Does anyone else want to share a bit of your world with a picture of your street?