Happy and Grateful – Day 95

We have reached the month of April and I am still on course to post daily with my happiness and gratitude I have found.  Please join in if you feel like doing this too by sharing in the comments or on your own blog.  There is so much to be happy and grateful for.

Busy day today, too much anxiety, too much disappointment, but still there was a few moments of happiness and gratitude.

I had an out-of-town doctors appointment and I have lots of anxiety when I drive it.  BUT my daughter was off work and offered to take me there.  So that was a good thing today… avoiding the driving and seeing my daughter both.  We shared a nice lunch afterwards and got some coffee for the drive home.  One of the best things though… on the way home I had to squint because the sun was actually out!  Seems like it has been cloudy forever!

So in spite of all the negatives I was still happy to see both my daughter and the sun.  And I was grateful I did not have to drive in all the traffic.  Now I am going to put my negative flowing mind in a direction of sleep hoping to wake up in better spirits tomorrow with the sun!