A moment of time
Captured forever
A bird never again to take flight
A flower forever in bloom
A smile never to leave your face
A sunset that never turns dark
Just a frozen piece of history
Developed into a work of art
And it all began with a simple shutter’s click

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – develop

Melting Sky

The sunset was glorious

Pink and lavender clouds

Atop an orange ball

With bright streaks of light

Struggling to hang onto the day

But alas the stars reign

As night shrouds the day

A blanket of darkness

Dotted with twinkling lights

The only way it could be better

Was if you were here to see it

Right by my side…

Mountain Cowboy

Mountain cowboy

Hear the call of nature

Speaking your name

Whispering in the trees

Laughing with the river flow

Shouting with the mountain heights


Mountain cowboy

Know you are home

With the wind by your side

The sun on your face

Your horse next to you

A fire ready for night fall


Mountain cowboy

Remember those you leave behind

Forever touched by your spirit

Holding you deep in their hearts

Missing you every day

Loving you forever


Mountain cowboy

Ride off to your dreams

Straight into the sunset…