Mumbles … Empirical

It happens.  I am not a walking dictionary or even half of an abridged version.  So, off to the internet I went with ‘empirical’ to find something to write about.  I found it is basically evidence, proof, not a theory.  Now that I was armed with knowledge, what would I do with it?  I kept coming back to today and what it means to me… could I possible work that around the word?

Today is my anniversary date from when I was told I had cancer.  I am officially a 17 year survivor.  That is fact.  Cancer sucks!  The chemo and radiation to help you also hurts in various ways.  Truth for me and my treatments.  The nausea, the migraines, the body aches, the burns, the mouth sores… all of it happened to me.  Therefor I would say my experiences show empirical evidence that cancer SUCKS!

There, however, for many is a light at the end of the tunnel.  You can get through a lot more cancers now than you used to be able to.  That is not to say all cancers are “curable” but to show there are strides being met in treatments and survival ratings.  I knew a woman who lived years longer than the doctor told her she would.  I know a little boy who was not likely to make it to 12 is now an adult who went to school to become a nurse.  Those are some that defied the odds. 

Sadly there is the other side of things.  Those who will not find a cure or battle through the treatments unscathed.  A very BIG reason CANCER SUCKS!

Now I am a little more familiar with empirical and I can state my case that CANCER DOES SUCK!  What have you lived through that you could say proves something?

I hope all those in America have a wonderful Fourth of July tomorrow and the rest of you… well, have a good 4th of July!  It is after all a day everyone faces in hopefully some good summer weather!  Enjoy!

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A to Z Challenge – Cancer

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C is for Cancer

I found something… that’s what I told my husband.  Of course I had already found the lump weeks before that.  I kept quiet because I didn’t want to ruin our anniversary and I couldn’t see worrying him if it was nothing to worry about.  But when it went past a mammogram, to an ultrasound, and then a needle biopsy, I wanted, no needed, someone to lean on.

The doctors would call me just hours before I was going to go out of town for the weekend and tell me the results were “worrisome.”  I scheduled an out patient surgery and my journey with breast cancer at just 36 began.

I battled through chemo and radiation.  Lost my hair and wore mostly funky bandannas.  I slept, a LOT.  The fatigue was intense.  Worked through almost all of it.  And discovered some friends that really stepped up to help me.

It was almost a year from discovery to the end of treatments.  But now I can say I am a 16 year survivor.  Grateful for every year I get!


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Mumbles… Happy Third Of July

Happy Independence Day! No, I haven’t lost my mind. July 3rd is Independence Day, well at least it is for me. Today is the anniversary of the diagnosis confirming surgery I had for my breast cancer. I had a outpatient surgery and was back home in time to rest before the firework that night. I did not have the energy to go see them, but I could still hear them from my house. So every year there is usually one of the surrounding towns that has fireworks that I go to on the 3rd to celebrate my freedom from cancer.

As the fireworks burst overhead, I sat in my survivor t-shirt oohing and ahhing with the rest of the town and felt alive. It has now been 15 years since that day of the surgery and I am grateful for every single day I get. I can’t stress enough that everyone (yes men too!) should do self-exams for greater chance of early detection. I found the lump less than 4 months after my yearly check-up… some forms grow fast. Know your body and never be afraid of what you find

I still remember the most shocking thing I heard after my treatments were about done. An acquaintance asked me if I made out my will when I found out. It had never even crossed my mind. I had cancer, but the surgeon removed the tumor and my oncologist and radiologist were going to take care that the cancer would not come back. I never doubted that. And I think that positive outlook really got me through.

So now, on the edge of midnight, my Independence Day ends and the USA’s begins. Let’s all celebrate! Anyone have a lighter for this sparkler?

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7 Days 7 Photos – A Black And White Challenge Day 7

Once more I want to thank Stella at Giggles & Tales for challenging me … this has been a lot of fun!

Seven days, seven photos rules

  • Black and while photos
  • Photos of your life
  • No people
  • No explanation
  • Challenge someone each day


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Today I challenge… everyone!  No seriously, I don’t want to leave anyone out so please feel free to join in this challenge and take a different look at things in your life.  Black and white can create such a different mood to a photo.  Even if you have never considered yourself much of a photographer you can still join in on the fun!

Day 35 – 100 Days of Happiness

This day… it holds mixed emotions for me.  Growing up my Mom always made a very big deal about birthdays.  I still miss her on my birthday.  Plus her birthday is just less than 2 weeks away… hard to believe she has been gone for 6 years.  Hard to believe I made it to today.

I was told 13 years ago I had breast cancer.  So in light of having what is too often a death sentence I survived.  And am glad to say I am another year older.  I just am not too sure about this year.  I have no problems saying I just turned 50, I have problems being 50 with very little to show for it in the midst of my battle for disability.  I never thought I would be here so soon.

But today is about happiness.  That extra year I have survived.  The wonderful memories of birthdays of the past.  And making memories of new.  Today was a nice day… had dinner with my boyfriend and daughter at a local Mexican restaurant – the fried ice cream for dessert is sinful!  Then we came home and played a card game.  It is moments together with family that give me the most happiness.  And lucky me I get to do it all over again next week when the rest of the family can get together with me and wish me a happy (this is from my older sister) half a century.

The candles have been blown out and the games put away.  I may not have the youth I wished to hang on to, but I have the greatest gifts – life, love and family.  (((HUGS)))