The monotonous sound

Of his voice droned on

She was tired of this

He always talked a lot

When he had been drinking

And it was mostly nonsense

Years later a part of her

Longed to hear the ramblings

But it was not possible

He drank his last drink

And took his last breath

So she was truly alone

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – monotonous

Day 97 – 100 Days of Happiness

I had dinner tonight with two dear friends.  One was a big help to me when I was going through my cancer treatments and the other has been a friend for years from work as well.  It had been far too long since we had gotten together to talk so dinner stretched out more than 3 hours!  We had to catch up on how our families were doing… and let’s just say it has been a bad year.  We decided tonight that 2017 has to be better… murder (of a family pet), suicide attempts, health crisis, alcoholism, etc.  We decided we should write a soap opera based on our lives as things have been so rough it is hard to believe.

But we got out laughter and tears.  Leaned on each other a little and exchanged wishes for a great Christmas and a MUCH better New Year.  We promised to get together more often and stay in touch.  It was a wonderful night with good food and great friends.  …now bring on that better New Year!