Late Night

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The girl turned the doorknob as quietly as she could.  Stepping inside she began to slowly close the door behind her when the light flashed on.  “Mom, I didn’t know you were still up.”

“Yes, I am as my daughter was supposed to be home two hours ago and just now came home.”

“Listen mom, I can explain…”

“Explain why you turned your phone off?  Explain why you let me worry for two hours with no word?”

“Mom, Benny ran out of gas and we had to walk to Casey’s on the edge of town. My cell apparently died as we were walking because when we got there it was dead.  Please don’t lecture me on my curfew, I didn’t…”

“No, you didn’t.  Didn’t think that I had worried.  Didn’t consider I have a meeting first thing in the morning I need to be well rested for.  I will lecture you, but not tonight.  Right now you need to go to bed and I need to calm myself down so I can finally sleep.”

“Mom, I really am sor…”

“Upstairs, we will talk tomorrow.”

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – lecture

Daddy’s Little Girl

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“Dad, can’t you do something?  Mom wants to put me under house arrest for the rest of my senior year!  I am going to miss the homecoming dance with Rob, Kevin and Stephanie.  PLEASE, can you talk to her.  She just won’t see reason.”

“Laura, you were caught drinking, that is a pretty serious thing.  Your lucky it was your mom and not the cops that found out because then Rob would have been in even bigger trouble for the false ID.  You have to understand we could also get in trouble since you were drinking here.  And think about what would have happened if Rob drove home and caused an accident.  This is serious honey, and you need to realize that.  But I will talk to your mom about the dance.”

“Oh, thank you Dad!  You are the best.  And I know it was stupid of me, but I swear I have learned my lesson.”

“We’ll see.”

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – arrest