Summer Storm

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It starts slowly

Just a drop or two

The sidewalk is dotted

And the asphalt turns darker

Slowly the winds increase

And the rain falls faster

There is a flash in the distance

And a low rumble of thunder

Begins to get louder

The winds grow strong

A downpour at an angle

Lightning and thunder within a few miles

It rages for a while

Even produces a little hail

Then almost as fast as it started

The winds die down

The rain slows to a sprinkle

The clouds move onward

And the faintest hints of color in the sky

As a rainbow shimmers in the aftermath

Of the summer storm

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – rain

Feel The Strength

The thunderstorm loomed on the horizon

Lightning strikes grew near the city

Winds began to howl as the rain started to fall

Thunder’s booming sounds raged

The rain was whipped by the winds

Hail bounced off everything

Lightening hit and thunder clapped almost instantly

The warning blare of a tornado siren…


A cacophony of sounds brought with a summer storm

Reminds us of the strength of Mother Nature


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – cacophony

Longing For Oz

The pending storm
Loomed on the horizon
Distant thunder rumbles low
The smell of rain is in the air
The heat has everything at a standstill
You sit back in your chair
Sweat beads on your face
Staring at the horizon
This could be a big one
Winds begin to blow
The skies take on a strange hue
And the rains begin to fall
You stay in your chair
As if to dare the storm
“Come get me”
Hail pelts down onto the ground
And the storm revs up
Trees begin to bend
Signaling a warning
Over a hill in the distance you see it
The beginning of a funnel cloud
Dancing beneath the clouds
You close your eyes
Hold up your hands
And brace for the winds
Whispering “take me away”


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – pending

Day 3

A late summer storm is moving in

distant thunder rumbles closer

with each lightning flash.

Rain begins to wash away the days dust

wind carries each drop driving it down.

Puddles form as the storm grows

Winds howl louder with stronger gusts.

Small bits of hail pelt down to the ground

Thunder rolls deeper and longer.

Soon the lights flicker and threaten darkness.

In a matter of minutes the winds slow,

the rumbles calm as the lightning dims.

Another short summer storm has blown through

The puddles start to soak into the ground

and the clouds break apart.

This summer storm has quenched the land.


(My Day 3 happiness is the end of a summer storm and the fresh smell new fallen rain leaves behind)