Dull and Dreary

She used to shine

She used to laugh

Now she barely glimmers

She has a vapid existence

Lost and alone in the shadows

Afraid to live

Afraid any joy

Will be taken away

Like it has been in the past

She is just too tired

And in too much pain

To try again

And so she sits and waits

For it all to end


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – vapid

Try To…

I’m told to recreate

To improve my frame of mind

But how do I

Get the energy to do anything


Do something you like

To boost your spirit

But how do I when

Nothing is appealing


Watch a funny movie

To put you in a better mood

But what do I do

When nothing is funny


I’m tired and it is late

Late in the day

and late in my life

…time is almost up