We met three years ago through a mutual friend and there was an instant chemistry there. We were inseparable. Then I moved in and things slowly began to change.

He drank at night. Not a lot, but enough to catch a buzz. I didn’t mind at first because we were young and in love. Then the drinking started earlier in the day and lasted all night.

It became a bottle a night of whisky and I was devastated. Felt lost and so alone. The drink to us was toxic, and an addiction he couldn’t break. Until it ultimately broke him.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – toxic


I wait by the phone.
Maybe today is the day
You will think of me,
And say hello.
Three holidays now
Have passed without word,
No greetings from you.
But I still believe
What once used to be
Is not dead as it seems.
My friends say it is toxic
To hold onto this dream,
Of a future of you and me.
Maybe it is?
Maybe it’s time
To finally let go?