Happy and Grateful – Day 355

One of my favorite months is upon us. I love the wonder of the holidays.  How it can light up young and old alike.  The weather is (usually) starting to change the world white and frosty.  And the promise of a new year is just around the corner.  This is the final month of my attempt to find the things that make me happy and grateful every day for a year… I have mixed emotions that it will be ending.  Please join me these last few days and post your happiness and gratitude in the comments or on your own blog.  There is always some good in the day no matter how small.

Well I took a little snooze before I could write this…. out like a light after my poem.  But I woke up with my boyfriend this morning (he is not the most quiet person) and I am awake for a while now.  Let’s see if I can accomplish this!

It was a good day, busy but good.  Dad had another blood draw… sometimes he can go 2 to 3 weeks without testing then other times he is at the clinic 2 to 3 times a week, but at least they are keeping an eye on him.  After that I had one more gift to pick up.  I stopped at the Dollar Tree to get gift wrap and food tins for my goodies. Then back across town to see my doctor.

Just about every year I try to make my cookies and candies to share and the first place I shared my treats was at my doctor’s office.  The girls at the front desk are always so nice and as long as they promise to share with the doctor I treat them for the holiday.  I am happy to share and with such wonderful people… the help they give me does not go unnoticed.

After the doctor’s office it was off to the grocery store to purchase nearly the last of the gifts.  I now have only a calendar I ordered to pick up and lottery tickets to get and then I am done!  What a great feeling to be so close to done.  I am grateful for my “organization” this year so I can sit back and enjoy the holiday some.  I have three whole days to wrap presents!  Whoo hoo!

So it is time to drift back to sleep for a little while.  Four hours of sleep was just not enough.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a wonderful night/day!


They hide in the shadows

And in the darkness of night

Those evil little gremlins

They can cause quite a fright

By day they disguise

As pretty little treats

They are bright and colorful

Tasty gooey sweets

But when night time comes

Into your closet they creep

And they take in your clothes

While you’re fast asleep

So take heed of this warning

And try with all your might

Not to eat too much

On the holiday nights

Happy and Grateful – Day 265

The kids are all in school, there is a growing crisp in the air.  Football games and shorter days fill the weeks.  It is September.  I have accomplished another month of acknowledging my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join me as I continue my goal of one year on this journey.  Please join in with your happiness and gratitude in the comments or your own blog post.  No matter how bad the day is there is always something worthwhile in the day.

Today was the start of Autumn and it felt more like July or August out.  Hot and humid with a breeze that just brought that hot air to blast against you.  Unfortunately I had to be out in it a little bit to run some errands.  But was able to get them done fairly quickly.  I was grateful I have a good working A/C in my car.

Just before I left to run my errands my daughter messaged me and was wanting to get together for coffee.  So after most of my errands I bought us some coffee and stopped by her apartment.  My niece shares the apartment with her and had the day off today so I got to see both of them.  We snacked on the new Apple Pie Oreos and also tried some of the M&M’s Cookies and Scream Halloween candy – both were very good.  It made me happy to visit and share a treat with the two of them today.

I am struggling to stay awake… time to close my eyes.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day.

12 Days of Christmas – Food

Just like many holidays there always seem to be some sort of food when friends and family gather, and Christmas is no different.  There are three main themes in my Christmas traditions around food.

Growing up we would always have some kind of sweet rolls, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, etc. for a light breakfast before we would open gifts after a little bit of food.  That is a tradition we continued with my daughter.  In recent years we have had to alter that sadly to fit with schedules, but on occasion it still happens.

There is always a big meal. Growing up it would be an afternoon to evening meal depending on how early we woke up that morning. This year it will be a lunch with my boyfriends family consisting of a pot luck type meal where we all share food… we are bringing chili.  But we will also have a nice pot roast simmering in the crock pot to have for dinner with all the trimmings later when we return home to open gifts of our own.

Then the fun stuff!  Growing up I always remember going to my grandparents house and my Gma having the best sweet treats left out on the table to snack on throughout the day.  One of my favorites was always the white chocolate covered pretzels.  When I grew up and started family traditions of my own I had to include sweet treats.  What I bake and cook up has changed through the years, but there is always pretzels!  My daughter helps me make them now and hopefully will carry on the tradition when she has her own family too.

Pretzels, potato chips, and peanut butter cracker bites
Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies

Just today my daughter and I made up cookies and candies.  We sampled as we created and approved of this years treats.  It makes for a long day to try to get them all done in one day.  And as a matter of fact there is still the new recipe item to make yet another day… a honey nut cookie ball.  We will share treats with friends and family.  Gather to eat a good meal.  And create more memories each year that passes.  What do you eat that is a special treat on Christmas?