Looking For Love

There have always been guidelines

Written within my heart

About what love is supposed to be

Most important there must be love returned

There must be shared laughter

And even shared tears

There must be honesty

And respect freely given

No need to be perfect

For we are all flawed

But willingness to overlook it

It is really quite small

Basic human kindness

Is also a must

Someone who hurts others

I just cannot trust

So why do I have

Such trouble finding hope

Because so few are faithful

And with that I can’t cope

I want to be noticed

Loved like they mean it

Up until now

They have all been deceiving


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – guidelines

Forever Again

You have a history with her

One I could never compete with

She once was in all your thoughts

Your dreams

Your breaths

Your heartbeats

You swore you’d love her forever

But things changed for her

And you never did get to say goodbye

In the blink of an eye she was gone

I know the end was rough

And you still love the woman she once was

I will never try to fill her shoes

Nor will I hurt you like she did

You have to put your trust in me

And believe me when I say

You are always in my thoughts

My dreams

My breaths

My heartbeats

And I will love you forever…


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – history

His Touch

He reaches out

To lovingly touch me

But I’ve been burned

And fear that touch

He lied

He cheated

And it is hard to forgive

Impossible to forget


He reaches out

But I pull away

Will he ever be enough again

Can I get past the pain

Do I even want to


He reaches out

And I am paralyzed inside

Maybe I am broken forever

Unable to feel his touch

Convinced he will only hurt me

But still he reaches out…

Cling To Me

Inside there is a scared child

One who clings to dreams

Who is afraid of failure

And painfully lonely times


She clings to hopes of happiness

But cowers in fear of change

She has been pushed down for years

And tries to stay within the shadows


But now I choose to take her hand

And help her see her wishes achieved

She can cling to me in trust

For I know just what she needs