Happy and Grateful – Day 317

November brings a chill in the air and the start of the holiday gatherings of family and friends.  I can’t believe I am down to the last two month of my challenge to find happiness and feel gratitude every day.  I hope you join with me in the comments or your own blog in this challenge.  No matter how small there is always a little good in even the worst day

I hope I can get through this ok… my laptop is acting funny with a sticking key.  I hope I don’t miss any typos.  Today aside from laptop difficulties has been ok.  I went and finally got the oil change in my car.  It ended up being about $8… I had won a gift card and I had a coupon so it was much cheaper than normal.  I was grateful to get it done before winter gets here.

I also reclaimed some space in the pantry because we took pop cans back for redemption.  I was happy to get the space uncluttered.  Then we turned around and spent the can money on fixings for a batch of chili tonight.  It was yummy!

So now tonight I try to write a little here and a little to a friend and then get some sleep.  A good way to end the night.  I hope you remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a wonderful night/day!