Road Construction Ahead

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Falling in love

Can be just

A hazard on

The road of life

Sometimes it is

A quick little

Short cut

But if you

Ever get lucky

It can be

Travel in luxury

Through the rest

Of your journeys

But it is

Almost always

Worth the

Risk of detours

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – hazard

What To Do

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I have not worked for more than 5 years now due to health reasons.  It is also because of health reasons I really don’t have a set daily routine.  With fibromyalgia I never know from one day to the next (sometimes even from one hour to the next) how I am going to feel, what is going to hurt and then you add in the depression’s ebb and flow, mixed with anxiety off and on… it is just what I can handle for the day.

I try to always read and write some with my blog and the posts I follow.  Since Mid-March I have carved out a little time to play Animal Crossing.  Then there is food to eat and meds to take and personal care.  I don’t have a set schedule for any of it though as some days the fatigue hits me with 2 or 3 naps and no energy.  The fibro fog can make it harder to concentrate on reading.  Even if it is nothing more than notes though I write something.  I may wake up wide awake some mornings when my boyfriend is going to work and other days I barely make it awake before he comes home. 

So, I don’t have a daily routine, but I have a daily itinerary I check off as I go.  And it is just about time for a little gaming, so I better get this posted.

Written for Fandango’s Dog Days of August (FDDA) #14 – your daily routine


I know somewhere in the distance he stands
He is waiting there for me
And he will be mine

I don’t know his name
I have not seen his face
But he is mine just the same

It is unknown when I will meet him
Or if I will even know him when I do
But he is mine just the same

He will sweep me off my feet though
And be totally devoted to me
He will be mine someday


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – unknown