Happy and Grateful – Day 365

This has been a long year… but I made it to the end.  When I started out on my challenge to write a post every day for a whole year about what I was happy and grateful for, I never thought I would make it.  Some days were hard to find a happiness, some days I didn’t feel there was anything to be grateful for but I dug deep and always found something.

By far my daughter brought me the most happiness and gratitude during the year.  But if I had to guess second place I would guess things that come close to healing me (doctor, meds, etc).  Some days I resorted to the basic needs – food, roof over my head and warmth or cool surroundings for the season.  But I found something every day.

This final night of the year I was happy to have survived another year.  Happy to be surrounded by those I care about.  And happy to have enough to get by. My boyfriend, my daughter and I all got together to play cards and toast in the new year (raspberry schnapps and cranberry juice – YUM!).  I may not have won the games – my daughter won both that we played – but we shared a few laughs and had a good time.

Time to get sappy… my gratitude for the night.  I am grateful for all of you readers who have stuck with me.  I plan to stick around for a while longer, but will not be doing the Happy and Grateful posts anymore.  I hope it is something that is beneficial for me and entertaining for you.  I want to thank you all for reading.  I am still amazed I have more than the 10 people I thought might follow me.  Now at over 350 I am stunned.  I am absolutely speechless at the 16,000 views and wondering where the 7,800 visitors came from.

Most of all at the end of this year I am in awe that I am now only 5 posts away from 1000 posts.  I know the Happy and Grateful along with the daily prompt poems this year account for the majority of that.  But I think I still have a little creativity left in me to share.  And for that I hope you will stick around and bear with me on this new journey.

As always I hope you remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  May 2018 be wonderful for all of you… HAPPY New Year!

Happy and Grateful – Day 330

November brings a chill in the air and the start of the holiday gatherings of family and friends.  I can’t believe I am down to the last two month of my challenge to find happiness and feel gratitude every day.  I hope you join with me in the comments or your own blog in this challenge.  No matter how small there is always a little good in even the worst day

I have a lot to write and I hope I can get through it all before I fall asleep.  First of all bear with me… I am starting to get my boyfriends cold/flu and may not get to reading all your posts right away.  I am already behind by more than a day and am not sure when I will catch up now.  BUT I do promise to read everything!

Tomorrow is going to be our late Thanksgiving (we are all at varying stages of sick too LOL) so I don’t know that I will have time or energy to get my Monochrome Monday post done.  So it may be two weeks in a row I don’t have one.  I am sure though next Monday I should be back on track.

Ok, my gratitude for the day is for all of YOU!  I just discovered that I am now at over 15,000 views for my blog… this little old thing I sit down to each day and let my babbling fingertips take over.  I am amazed that for some reason or another that many people would stop to look.  I appreciate each and every one of those views, whether they are liked or not.  It really does matter to me, so THANK YOU!

Now my happiness, let’s see.  I am sick, my boyfriend is sick, my daughter is sick, I have to cook a big meal tomorrow, money is super tight and Christmas is less than a month away now… and I am supposed to find the happy under all of that?  (sorry, but I get a little snippy when I am sick) Well, how about the fact that we know who we are buying Christmas gifts for now.  In both my family and my boyfriends we drew names to find out who we buy for.  And aside from one person, all the others are pretty easy to shop for.  But my sister’s boyfriend never gives any hint about what he wants ever and is one who will just go out and get something if he wants it… not leaving much for gift giving ideas.

Ok I have babbled on long enough.  I think I got done all I set out to do with this blog tonight.  Time to use my inhaler and try to breathe a little easier so I can sleep.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a wonderful night/day!

Happy and Grateful – Day 213

Seven months are gone now and surprisingly I am still plugging along with this challenge to post about my happiness and gratitude every day this year.  August brings the state fair here in Iowa and lots of heat and humidity.  It is the time to see the back to school shopping start with kids dreading it and parents loving it.  As I continue my challenge I hope you will take a minute to reflect on your day too.  You can even share your happiness and gratitude here in the comments or on your own blog.  There is good in every day!

Happy August everyone!  I guess today is a special day for me… WordPress told me happy anniversary today.  It was 4 years ago I joined the blogging community.  Although I was very limited in the first year or two I blogged, I have certainly gotten into the swing of things now.  In 4 years I have had over 10,000 views, nearly 5,000 visitors and I am nearing the 700 mark for posts.  I have more than 250 readers (whom I love dearly!) and like to think I have the potential to touch somebody’s life for the better.  Whether it be someone who needs to know they are not the only one with depression or a poem that touches someones heart or a picture that makes someone smile… I hope this blog not only is therapeutic to me, but can help others too in some small way.

Obviously I am grateful for WP… but it is all possible because of the readers.  It I hadn’t been visited, viewed and read by you none of this would have happened.  I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  So my gratitude goes to every reader I have today.

It really was another nice day out, but I didn’t have too much time to enjoy it.  I did have a couple of errands to run so I just walked really slowly between my car and the building to enjoy the nicer weather.  I had some paperwork my sister had to sign and notarize so I got to chat with her for just a little bit, was good to see her as it had been a while.  I always love going to her office because she has so many fun knickknacks to look at.  She added a baby Groot, a USB powered butterfly and a USB fan.  She has the cat clock, a chinese lucky cat, many plants, a couple of rubber duckies, some other bobble heads… it is a fun place to work!   I was happy to see her and her office today.

Well it is getting late.  Need to read a few more posts and call it a night soon.  Once again thank you all for keeping my blog alive and important to me.  Have a wonderful day/night.  Find your happiness every day!