A to Z Challenge – V

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I have been writing for a long time.  One of my first poems I wrote for myself was a reaction to a book I read, No Language But A Cry.  I wanted to be a voice for this infant that was severely abused by her father.  She never spoke until her teens.  I wanted to stand up for those who did not have a voice…. I had big dreams then

In the nearly 40 years since I started writing for me the sheer volume of poetry I have written would be staggering if I took the time to count them.  I know in high school I had already hit 200.  The dream of me writing for a book would have to be issued in multiple volumes.

So when I write I don’t have any set pattern I follow.  I am a free verse writer for the most part.  I do occasionally dabble in lyric writing with verses and chorus.  And over the years since I have done the daily prompts I have expanded my vocabulary some.

You by now have figured out I am very grateful for the variety of things I have accomplished so far with my writing. Now If I could just be the victor of a writing contest.


Love Song

Turn up the volume

Let the notes wash over me

Carrying away the burdens of the day

Hear the vocals ring out

Let the harmony lift me up

Carrying my spirit to new heights

Feel the sound of each instrument

Let the melody infuse my very being

Carrying my dreams into reality

Turn up the volume

I want to hear your love

Carrying my heart to yours


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – volume

Thunderous Escape

Turn up the volume

Let the bass rattle my bones

I want the world to disappear

Let me get lost in a song


Crank the dial higher

Let the neighbors complain

I want it too loud to really hear

Let the voices drown in my ears


Move the dial to max

Let me feel the tune

I want to blast away my worries

Let the music set me free