Actions and Thoughts

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Billy was sitting on the floor of the warehouse.  He was supposed to be scanning boxes on the shelves.  Instead he was wondering why his watch always gained minutes.  Was it a flaw in the craftmanship of the watch, a reaction to his energy output, his aura?  His supervisor came around the corner to see Billy looking at his watch.  “Well surprise, surprise.  You are once again doing nothing.  How often I find you remiss in your duties is unacceptable.  When you do work you are great, but you need to learn how to stay focused.  I am afraid I am going to have to let you go,” his boss said and shook his head. 

Billy just sighed and stood up.  Handed over his electronic counter to his former boss and said, “I really need to be part of a think tank… thinking is where I excel.”

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – remiss

Sleeping Beauty

You breathe deep and slow,

Your chest rises and falls,

I see your eyes moving under their lids;

Hoping you are having a good dream.

As I watch you sleep, I am in awe

That this beautiful creation came from me.

Knowing you have changed so much,

Growing up faster than I can follow,

I treasure all these moments

As much at the ones when you’re awake.

And in every second of everyday,

My love for you grows faster than you do.

You are my life, my hope, my love –

You are my daughter.


Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – watch