Day 45 – 100 Days of Happiness

I have a wedding to attend tomorrow… I have never met the bride and I barely know the groom.  My boyfriend is going to be best man though.  I have been having a lot of anxiety about it already.  I will be “alone” while my boyfriend is busy most of the day and don’t think I will know anyone there.  It is about an hour out-of-town so there is already stress from the drive to get there.  I am still going to do this though… I hope.

Another problem I had, was what to wear.  With all the medication I am on now I have gained weight since the last fancy event I went to and my nice blouses and sweaters are too small.  I at least still have a pair of dress slacks I can wear.  So this is where we get into a little happiness today.

I went shopping for a new top.  Most of the summer clothes are gone and fall and winter clothes have taken over.  I have “thermostat” issues with my Fibro and would hate to overheat at the church, but I finally found a lightweight sweater… and in my size too!  I was so happy.  It was not expensive (as all extra funds for the month had to go to the wedding gift and a baby’s first birthday).  It is a nice bright burgundy color and I can wear it with my grey slacks and be fine.

So there is a little happiness going into the day tomorrow.  Let’s just hope my anxiety stays at home when I leave.  (((HUGS)))